New Pro Plates and the Story Behind ‘Em

About a month ago, we did something we’ve never done before – pat our head and rub our belly at the SAME TIME. It was epic. Oh yeah, we also launched our first line of accessories for Capture. Double boo-yah. 


If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already heard about these bad boys and read all the details about them on the website. But we wanted to give you a little more insight into what makes these new plates so great and why we designed them the way we did…

Manfrotto® Compatibility, By Popular Demand

The biggest story of this new line of Capture quick release plates is the DUALplate, which fits in most Manfrotto RC2 tripod heads, as well as most ARCA-type heads. It’s a big deal for 2 reasons. Foremost, it’s been the number one most-requested feature for Capture by a long shot. Secondly, there are very few tripod plates out there that are Manfrotto and ARCA compatible – and those that are cost quite a bit more than DUALplate.

It makes perfect sense that lots of folks are using Manfrotto gear – they make nice stuff and they’re quite well distributed across the globe. If you have a nice tripod head that isn’t ARCA-type, chances are it’s Manfrotto. And if you have a Manfrotto head, chances are it’s RC2, Manfrotto’s most popular quick release style. Bada-bing, bada-boom, and a yada-yada-yada… now Capture works with Manfrotto RC2 heads. And since our new plates are backwards compatible, you can simply pop one into any Capture unit ever made and it will work just fine. You can purchase DUALplate directly from our site.

Showing Mirrorless Users Some Love

Customer and reseller feedback is a huge input to our product development, no doubt. But sometimes actions speak louder than words, hence we also try to look beyond what people are saying and focus on what they are doing. And to make a long story short, the use of mirrorless and Micro 4:3 digital camera systems is one of the fastest-growing trends in digital photography right now. That’s why we launched the slim MICROplate, an ARCA-compatible quick release plate for Capture that fits perfectly on the bodies of smaller, slimmer cameras. Again, this plate is reverse-compatible with all Capture Clips ever made, so existing users can order it from our website and pop it right in.

Improvements Based on Customer Feedback

You’ll notice that we also have the ARCAplate, an upgraded version of the original quick release plate that Capture came with. All three of our new plates sport a host of improvements and features that are entirely based on feedback that we’ve gotten from our kickass customers. Here’s what you told us, and here’s what we did…

I sometimes have difficulty sliding the camera inside the clip… it gets stuck.

- Alexandre

Some users, especially in colder conditions, found that the old plate would momentarily jam when clipping in their camera. The cause of this was the powdercoating on the old plate – sometimes it would wear unevenly, creating a slightly bumpy surface that would not slide smoothly against the inner locking channel of the clip. The new plates are machined and anodized, which creates a much smoother and abrasion-resistant surface, completely eliminating the jamming issue. We have also refined the geometry of these places to allow a more forgiving entry into the Capture clip.

After some banging around the attachment on the camera becomes loose.

- Chris

We had some folks tell us that their quick release plate was coming loose, and that was certainly something we wanted to fix right away. In these cases, the underlying issue was that the plate wasn’t getting screwed in tight enough in the first place. So, we replaced the coin-drive screw with a screw that has a thumb-drive D-ring on it, which is much easier to torque by hand. In addition, a 4mm hex drive (and hex wrench) is included in the new plates, giving you more than enough leverage to get those plates on there safe and secure.

The rubber padding on the quick release plate comes off quite easily… Also it is quite soft which sometimes causes the camera to escape from the plate when not fastened properly.

- Chloe

This is a problem that is fairly ubiquitous among all quick release plates out there, not just ours. The old plates featured a neoprene pad that sits against the camera body. The pad was held in the plate with a glue, and sometimes it would twist loose from the plate if the plate wasn’t screwed in tight enough. So we did away with that pad, replacing it with a special type of plastic that actually molds to the base of your camera after it is installed. The new pad is held into place by a specially-machined channel in the plate, as well as metal nodes that sit in the middle of the plate to prevent twisting. So, the new pad is practically twist proof and is held in mechanically rather than with adhesive – something that really differentiates these plates from other ones on the market.

I really want to keep [my] Black rapid strap connected… being able to keep both connected is the ultimate especially if climbing up mountains, steep terrain, etc.

- Daniel


Lots of folks use sling straps like the Black Rapid R-series, and for them, adding Capture to their arsenal doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of their camera sling. So we made sure that the new D-ring in our plates is load-bearing and big enough to accomodate the metal carabiner found on sling straps.

What about Capture’s original plate?

Simply put, they’re donezo. That doesn’t mean they’re worthless – in fact they still work fantastically. But the fact is that the new plates are even nicer, and they’re completely backwards compatible. So, in the spirit of progress, we’ll only be making the new plates from here forward.

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Brian Hunt
Posted on Aug. 31st

Help! The part the attaches to the base of the camera is stuck in the clip and I am unable to get it out. Is there any way to remove it? I would like to use the product for a long hike tomorrow, if i can asure it it will be functional.

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