About Peak Design

We Are Peak Design

Our Mission

The mission of Peak Design is to enable photographers, adventurers and outdoors enthusiasts to better capture the beautiful world around them. We do this by designing and building innovative, thoughtfully composed, ultra-durable products that are easy to use and versatile. Right now we are helping people better transport and physically manage their cameras, and providing new ways to shoot action video. In the future we will continue to tackle other pain points that photographers and outdoors enthusiasts face. We believe that wherever you go and whatever you do, your camera should be right there with you.

Our Story

Peter Dering started Peak Design in 2010 when he invented the Capture Camera Clip as a solution to his own camera-carrying frustrations. A few folks have written some great pieces on our company history – see this blog post from our friends at SmugMug, and this profile from our pals at Shoplocket.

Our Team

We are serious about making high-quality gear, serving our customers well and continually innovating. On a personal level, you’ll find that we take ourselves less seriously. After all, we didn’t join this company to put on suits and act all hoity-toity… that’s what New Years Eve is for. With that in mind, say hello to the Peak Design team. We’re a rag-tag group of photography, outdoors, adventure and travel enthusiasts who have banded together to make badass camera gear, and also make use of group booking discounts at the Olive Garden.

pete baby

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Peter: Super Nice Guy

Peter Dering started Peak Design. He invented the Capture Camera Clip and launched it on Kickstarter. He heads up our team, our product engineering and our supply chain. And MAN, he is one hell of a nice guy. We’re not talking Tom Hanks nice, we’re talking Jimmy Stewart nice. Great with children, great with parents, great with seniors – many of Peter’s close friends maintain that he is part labrador retriever. And being the engineer/lab mix that he is, he’s actually invented a way to play Frisbee with himself.

baby-2-2Straight up gangsta.

Dave: 100% Gangsta in Every Way

Dave is the financial controller and operations manager of Peak Design, and if you could sum up everything about him in one word it would be “gangsta.” Seriously – you should see the spreadsheets this guy comes up with. Ridic. Even back in the day Dave was rocking a clown suit and orthopedic sandals. Once a gangsta, always a gangsta. Do not get on Dave’s bad side, cause he will surely go pure-and-absolute-gangsta on your ass.

baby--3Stand back – I’m attempting to put a 4th nail in this board.

Art: MacGyver Wants to Be Him

What’s that Art? You need a pitching wedge, 3 yards of dental floss and an orange?  Don’t freak out – Art’s just designing the next innovative Peak Design product. And when he’s not doing that he’s surfing. And when he’s not doing that he’s disarming briefcase bombs. One time he disarmed a bomb using nothing but a Capture clip and a signed picture of MacGyver that said “To Art, From Your #1 Fan.”

baby--2Bluegill: Breakfast of champions.

Adam: Full-Time Man

One might say that Adam has a beard, but it’s more scientifically accurate to say that the beard has an Adam. Adam likes to hike and fish and camp – you know, typical marketing-manager sort of stuff. Adam’s beard is actually an allergic reaction on his neck from accidentally wearing a collared shirt once. When entering his habitat, you are advised to approach Adam slowly and avoid offensive gestures like shouting and electronic music. Adam is also the resident hipster at Peak Design, meaning he’s currently wearing the same pants he wore in that picture.

baby--5Faffing around in a nappy: a splendid affair.

Luke: Proxy of Her Majesty

Peak Design is an international business, and as a consequence, we have international dilemmas. Where should we distribute? How do we market our products to the Dutch? How do you say “camera clip” in British English? We answer those questions with another question: what would the Queen do? The answer to that one is always the same: Luke. Well, we don’t mean it like that. But as a British subject, Luke is physically the closest to the Queen. But not like that. Luke is also the Peak Design company jester.

baby pics-01
This hose ain’t built to code, Mommy.

Peter L: Better Than You at Everything

Oh you just ran a 10K? Awesome. So did Peter L, but he did it uphill, without shoes on, while setting up and shooting a 30-minute time-lapse of himself doing it. Peter L is the largest human on the PD team, he’s a creative and engineering mastermind, and there’s a 100% chance that he can throw a NERF Vortex football way harder than you can. He’s also an exceptionally good-natured individual, which comes in handy when he’s bench pressing you with his pinky.

Mark Uh oh, Spaghetti-OO1O11O1’s.

Mark: Already Coded A New And Improved Mark

There’s no point in updating this page to include Mark’s bio, because Mark already rebuilt this page on a newer platform that dynamically tracks everything Mark does. A Swiss Army knife of technical know-how, Mark has shown us that there’s more to technology than just drawing cool shapes in Microsoft Paint. You can’t spell marketing without “Mark,” something we learned after Mark pulled an SQL query of all the ways marketing has been spelled ever.

baby pics-02

Stuffing boxes since the first Bush administration.

Jen: Knows About Business Stuffs

Jen started out at Peak Design as the person in charge of making bad things go away. Have you ever tried using shipping software before? It’s slightly less fun than eating glass and slightly more fun than hitting yourself in the face repeatedly with a ball-peen hammer. Eventually Jen made all the bad things go away forever, so she started working on good things like customer service. If you ever email us with a question, complaint, midnight disco party invitation, or hilarious LOLcat GIF, Jen is the real-live-human who reads and responds!

But here’s the real catch – Jen’s been spending the rest of her time getting an MBA. And, even after learning all about business stuffs, she has yet to jump ship to a younger, more attractive Silicon Valley startup that hates vowels like Blendr or Fingr or Carritcayk. We’re proud to have Jen as a full timer – helping run and grow our business – and making sure we don’t choke on small parts.

joey baby pic

Lollies: For when you’re out of corks.

Joey: Always Talking To You

Are you hearing words and other noises through your ears right now? No matter where you are in the world, there’s a 15% chance that your audible environment contains Joey. As a design consultant to the team, Joey does all sorts of fancy mousework from packaging design to SolidWorks renderings. He’s also a huge aficionado and practitioner of verbalizing thoughts and ideas, both in English and what we assume is some sort of medieval Irish Gaelic language. In his spare time, Joey has made a name for himself as the go-to for hilarious Interweb links and GIFs. Joey is identifiable through his striking hairdo, which is 5-dimensional and sometimes used to collide atoms in order to make Higgs bosons.

mobyMaking inventory dreams come true.

Moby: Young Whippersnapper

Most of us are in our 30’s and late 20’s. In other words, we’re aging. Just the other day we tried to drop a hashtag into one of our Facebook posts. Talk about losing your mind! That’s why we have young Moby in the mix. He’s not just keeping our warehouse sorted – he’s keeping our collective finger on the pulse of the youth. He also helps us program our VCR (video casette recorder) after the power goes out.

Update! Moby is still our resident Young Whippersnapper. What’s changed is that you can now put hashtags in Facebook posts. What an enchanting world we live in!

Thank You

Hope we didn’t scare you too much there – that’s just our way of letting you know that we have a healthy (and weird) sense of humor. That’s simply a byproduct of loving the work that we do. And none of it would be possible without the fantastic support we continue to receive from you, our customers, Kickstarter backers and dealers. You folks are as much a part of the PD team as we are. It’s a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to what the future has in store. Thanks for everything!